Thursday, December 1, 2016

Year 8 Camp

The year 8's are leaving for their camp at Taupo on Monday the 4th of December. We will be staying at Mi Camps and taking part in activities such as OGO, The Luge, Huka Prawn Park, Action World and AC Baths. I am really excited and cant wait for camp. If you haven't seen the pamphlet I created scroll down to see it.

Big Winds

Recently, all around Taranaki there have been fallen over trees. There was one night where there was 100 kilometer winds blowing over trees and snapping power lines. We  lost power for over 24 hours. We played board games all night. I almost died without WIFI. It was a crazy experience hearing the wind almost blowing the roof off. It was the highest speed wind I've ever seen.


Earlier this year the student council hosted a Disco at the Auroa Community Hall. There were flashing lights and blasting music. Mr Bloor was the DJ and he did a great job. The theme was Glow in the Dark so kids came wearing white tops and we had black lights so it made their shirts glow. I had a great time.


We traveled up to New Plymouth to compete in the Methanex Maths Quiz. Madaline, Jordan, Durann and I competed in the year 8 quiz. There are 20 questions and you have 30 minutes to complete as many as you can. You are given 1 question at a time and you have 5 chances to get it right. If you get it right on the 1st try you get 5 points, 2nd try you get 4 point, 3rd try you get  3 points and so on. You can pass after you have had 2 attempts at the answer. We ended up getting 2nd and losing by 1 point. I had a great time and I hope I can compete in it again next year at High School.

Taranaki Trophy

This year I was in the Auroa School, Taranaki Trophy netball team. For Taranaki Trophy we travel around and play all the Taranaki schools at netball, rugby and soccer. We play 1 school each week.  We played 5 games. We won 3 and lost 2.In total we got 3rd. It was a lot of fun playing against all the other schools.

Otago Problem Solving

 There were around ? Auroa students that took part in the Otago Problem Solving Challenge. The first stage is when you will get 5 different question per sheet. You will get 5 different sheets through out the term. You have half an hour to complete each sheet. If you get 80% or 20/25 then you go to the final stage. You have a sheet of 20 questions and you have an hour to complete it. I got into the final stage and got 14/20. I got 21st in NZ. I got a distinction and $25. I was very proud.

Academic Day

Recently, we sent a team of 7 students to Kaponga School for the Academic Day. There were 4 different topics we competed in. First was the spelling bee. 2 students from each school competed in the spelling bee. Caleb got 3rd and Madaline got 1st. Next was General Knowledge. 4 kids from each school took part in a General Knowledge quiz. We got 5th in that. Next was Maths. We had 20 minutes to complete 20 questions. We got 1st in the maths. Last was the Literacy quiz. There was 25 questions to do with literacy. We ended up coming 2nd in literacy. We ended up winning the day . I competed in the Maths and Literacy parts. It was a great day. I had lots of fun.

Cross Country

On the 7th of September Auroa School held their Cross Country day. In my age group I got 8th which I am very proud of. I ran as hard as I could and coundn't breath at the end. It was a fun day and there was a sausage sizzle at the end. Everyone ran very well and the sausages were tasty. Here is a picture of Ebony finishing her run.

Book Character Day

On the 28th of October, Auroa School had a Book Character Day where everyone had to come dressed up as a book character. Harry (my brother) went as Dumbledoor. He looked pretty cool. There were so many cool outfits it was so hard to choose who would win. It was a fun day and everyone looked amazing. I hope next year everyone can come wearing the same, or better costumes, for the 2017 Book Character Day.

MOA Awards

On the 8th of November was the third annual MOA Awards. Kids from Opunake, Matapu, Kaponga and Auroa crowded the Sandfords Event Centre waiting for the night to begin. I was entered in Best Short Movie with Durann, Caleb and Jordan. I was also entered in Best Actor/Actress. We ended up winning Best Short Movie and I won Best Actor/Actress. Our video was also in the top 4 for the Supreme Award.